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How long has your company been producing outdoor movie events?
We have been producing Outdoor Movies professionally since 1999. Over 1000 Events!
What size outdoor movie screens do you offer?
We have 15 foot, 20 foot, 30 foot, and 40 foot Tall Inflatable Movie Screens.
What is the actual Height and Width of the movie screen we will be getting?
We have some of the tallest outdoor movie screens in the Midwest! Our biggest screen is about 40’ tall and about 40’ wide.
Are your screens Inflatable or Non-Inflatable?
Our screens are all inflatable.
What are the benefits of your screen?
Inflatable screens are designed to set up quicker and withstand a greater wind. Our screens are custom made for us and are the best quality out there.
Can you play full screen as well as wide screen movies?
Our screens are either ‘full screen’ or ‘wide screen’ format, so you will never have the ‘black spaces’ on the sides of the screen.
How many crew / technicians will you send to our event?
We always try to send a two or three person crew to your event.
Where are you based out of? Are you a Local Company?
Our corporate headquarters are in Racine, WI. Which is only about an hour north of Chicago. So, we are centrally located to anywhere in the Midwest.
Do you have any special set up requirements?
Yes, please see our ‘Movie Rider’ for a complete list of requirements.
What is your inclement weather policy?
We would ask that you have an alternate indoor location in the event of rain or wind. But, we would also be willing to come back on a mutually agreed upon make up date.
Do you bring back up screens and equipment?
Yes, we have back up screens, projectors, and speakers on site.
How much insurance do you carry?
We carry a two million dollar liability policy. Copies or additionally insured are available by request.
What is included and what do we have to provide?
Basically, you provide the location, power, & the movie. We will provide the rest.
Do you offer any pre-movie entertainment?
Yes, we would be glad to play some music and do some interactive things before the movie starts. Also, we can provide cartoons or music videos at no additional charge.
Please contact SWANK Motion Pictures at the link below for more information.
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